MBA Faculty
Faculty Profile
Prof.(Dr.) Ravi K. Handa, Professor & Director/ Principal, MBA, M.Phil., Ph.D.
Ph.D. from GJU with 21 years of academic and administrative experience as Professor/Director of IMT, Faridabad and 4 years of corporate experience, Dr. Handa recognizes the dynamic changes occurring all over the globe in terms of outlook, size, culture and thus moulds the students towards the global leadership.
Prof. S. K. Narang, B.Sc. Engg.(BHU), MBA(IIM, Calcutta)
An alumnus of IIM, Calcutta with 25 years of corporate experience and 16 years of academic/administrative experience as Director, DAV Institute Of Management , Faridabad and as Professor at IMT, Faridabad, Prof. Narang with his strong practical orientation guides the students developing a marketable personality for their corporate/entrepreneurial success.
Dr. Parul Khanna, Professor & Dean(R&D), MBA, Ph.D.
A Ph.D. guide with 16 years of academic experience in various institutes of repute, Dr. Parul Khanna has made a significant contribution in developing interpersonal, innovative, organizing skills and in strategic career planning of students. She also motivates the students to participate in cultural programmes, conferences and personality development programmes.
Prof. (Dr.) R.N. Singh, Professor, MBA, Ph.D.
A Ph. D. guide with more than 25 years of rich experience in various institutes including industry, Dr. Singh is a catalyst for the upliftment of society, community and also academic standards of the students. He inspires the students to participate in functions organized by him in the field of education, social, cultural and character building of youth.
Dr. Geeta Shiromani, Associate Professor, M.A.(Eco),MBA, Ph.D.
A Ph. D. with research orientation having 17 years of rich teaching and administrative experience, Dr. Geeta Shiromani persuades and motivates the students to bring exemplary examination results and guides them for competitive exams for selection in Government jobs.
Mr. S.B. Dubey, Assistant Professor & HOD(BBA),M.Sc.(Maths), MBA
With strong mathematical and quantitative background having 13 years of teaching experience, Mr. Dubey goes an extra mile in creating sound academic base for the students, guides them in projects and solves their problems on “one-to-one” basis.
Ms. Meenu Dhembla, Assistant Professor & HOD(MBA),MBA, M.Phil., Ph.D.(Reg)
A star performer and merit holder of MBA and BBA with 7 years of teaching experience with professional expertise in Business Plans & Projects, Ms. Meenu Dhembla takes pride in peer group learning, problem solving and making students understand the value of time, every time. She inculcates ethics and values and moves students towards professionalism to be compatible with the corporate environment.
Ms. Kavita Arora, Assistant Professor, MBA, M.Phil.,
A merit holder with 7 years of teaching and 1 year of corporate experience, Ms. Kavita Arora is committed to making curriculum a cutting edge and industry relevant and thus brings the best among the students.
Ms. Poonam Tokas, Assistant Professor & Coordinator(BBA),MBA, LL.B.
Enthusiastic, deeply committed and a popular teacher having 7 years of teaching experience and 1 year of corporate experience, Ms. Poonam Tokas very closely monitors the performance of students, guides and prepares them for best examination results.
Mr. Virender Kumar, Assistant Professor MBA, UGC NET
An extrovert deeply committed to the well-being of students having 6 years of teaching experience, Mr. Virender Kumar motivates students beyond academics to participate in sports, dramatics and other extra-curricular activities.
Mr. Pankaj Chauhan, Assistant Professor, M.Com., MBA, M.Phil.
Self confident, committed with exceptional teaching skills and diverse knowledge of Financial Accounting, Income Tax and Cost Accountancy having 16 years of teaching experience at various institutes of repute, Mr. Pankaj Chauhan focuses on thorough learning of students with 100% results.
Ms. Rekha Mittal, Assistant Professor, M.Sc.(Comp.), DOEACC ‘B’ Level(equi. MCA),M.Phil.
Having competency and skills on usage of various softwares, computer languages and computer applications with 18 years of teaching experience and also trained in ‘C’ and ‘C++’ at IIT, Delhi, Ms. Rekha Mittal prepares students keeping pace with changing requirements of Information Technology and makes them computer savvy.
Ms. Jyoti Kaushik, Assistant Professor, B.Com, MBA
With 7 years of academic and 1 year of corporate experience, Ms. Jyoti Kaushik guides the students in project work and is committed to bringing best examination results.